Will iPhone X Case Fit New iPhone Xs Released?

iPhone X Case fits well the new iPhone Xs announced on Sep 12, 2018.

Both of the iPhones are 5.8 inches.The height, width and depth are identical and all cases for the 2017 X and the 2018 XS at 5.8-inch; The only difference between the two phones is the microphone placement on the bottom of the XS is a little different and therefore the holes might be slightly misaligned in your old iPhone X case. The XS is a bit heavier than the 2017 X so there is also a chance that any case that has a kickstand or clip might not support the extra weight. But probably not as it’s only 3 grams.

Will My 2017 iPhone 8 Plus case fit my new XS Max

Even though the iPhone XS Max has the largest iPhone display that has ever been created, the phone itself is just a little bit smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. It’s huge OLED screen give the illusion that the XS Max is larger than the 8 Plus but it’s not. No other cases will fit the XS Max except those specifically designed for it.

Will any case fit new iPhone XR?

The XR is a completely new type of design. It’s fairly big at 5.94 x 2.98 x .3 inches and only has one camera on the back. The new display is the most advanced LCD technology in the industry and stretches from corner to corner. The XR is slightly thicker than the iPhone X but smaller than the X Plus. There is not another iPhone with those dimensions, so no reusing your old case.

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