Will 5G Change the World?


5G data revolution

The countdown to 5G has started and 2020 has been officially declared the year it will change the way we use technology.

What is 5G?

The term 5G stands for a fifth generation wireless technology. Other generations have been defined by their data transmission speed.

1G was analog cellular and 3G brought speeds up to a few megabits per second, and 4G was a leap forward with LTE. 5G is scaling up to be 100 times faster than 4G. It will be the fastest network that will always be connected.

5G Impact

5G allows devices to be better connected and brings faster speed to move more data, lower latency for better response, and the ability to connect to more devices at the same time. 

It will be a super fast, alway-on network.

How 5G Works?

5G works like other cellular networks by using a system of sites that are divided into sectors. Each site is connected to the network through a wired connection or wireless backhaul.

5G networks are much smarter than previous systems because they are juggling many smaller cells that change size. 

Qualcomm boasts that 5G will increase capacity by 4 times by leveraging bandwidths and implementing advanced antenna technologies.

Who is Launching 5G

AT&T will have the first mobile 5G network that will launch in 19 cities and phones will roll out throughout 2019 along with Verizon.

Samsung S10 Plus will have 5G capacity

The S10 Plus 

Samsung plans to release several 5G phones in 2019. Reports indicate the Galaxy S10 Plus will have 5G capability when it is released this month

Advantage Over 4G

Carriers can’t offer competitive pricing for 4G home internet because there just isn’t enough capacity. Most homes use around 190GB of monthly usage, so 5G home internet will have the advantage.

5G will be easier for carriers to roll out because all carriers will have to do is install a fiber optics cell site every few blocks and give customers new wireless modems.

The innovation of 5G will revolutionize the way we consume data and will have an enormous impact on our everyday lives.