The NEW Flexible Galaxy is both a Phone and a Tablet

The new Samsung Foldable Phone

The Flexible Galaxy 

Samsung has been working hard on a foldable display for years and the tech giant might be close to announcing it’s first flexible smartphone next month at the company’s developer conference on Nov. 7th. Many phone manufacturers are working on flexible smartphones, but Samsung will be the first to make it a reality.

OLED technology enables displays to have the best quality image and a design that can be flexible as well as transparent. Samsung OLED’s are considered the best in the industry and are clearly a leader in the production of mobile devices.

Codename “Winner”

The new Galaxy nicknamed “X” is reportedly 7 inches long unfolded, about the same size as a tablet and gives more screen space in a smaller package. Sources report that the screen folds in half like a wallet. 

Samsung patents show a device that opens and closes like a book or horizontally like a notepad. In any case, the fold makes it easier to create a larger screen and more display options. It may also afford the user options like the ability to split the screen into 2 panels, similar to Samsung’s 48-inch ultra-wide monitor.

This means the user will have both a phone and tablet.

Flexible Galaxy X

Will it break?

The material on the outer layer could serve as it’s own protection, but the fold design might create other durability issues. Pushing the 2 screens up against one another might create a dangerous collision impact and damage both displays in one drop.

There is also a concern that the phone might easily overheat with the 2 displays so close together.

Will it be bulkier?

Cell phone manufacturers have spent the last 10 years making phones slimmer but this phone could add an additional layer by stacking 2 on top of each other.

If the size of the phone is more like a tablet, the weight might be more than users are used to as well.

Will it be pricey?

Multiple screens need a bigger battery to run more powerful chips and to prevent overheating. The price will creep higher if there is more storage and memory. Industry sources predict a $1,500 or more price tag for the new Foldable Galaxy.

Will the Edge Panel be obsolete?

The signature Samsung curved-edge display on the new Galaxy X will be phased out so it can properly close. The edge display houses the shortcuts and quick functions but they might not be necessary on a larger screen.