The AirPod 2 will be Apple's Most Popular Accessory Ever

AirPod will be the most popular Apple accessory ever

The Apple AirPod was hailed as the “most popular accessory ever” and analysts predict the sales will skyrocket in 2019.

Apple AirPods made a big impression when they were released in 2016. The sound quality was amazing, the new technology of the auto pause/play function was great and the integration with Siri was impressive but it’s been more than 2 years since it’s initial launch…so what’s next?


Everyone was expecting the new AirPods 2 at the Apple event in October 2018 but they never materialized. Experts are now guessing that they will be released at the Apple event in March 2019 or earlier.

New Features

According to Apple analysts, the new AirPods will have a redesigned case that will support wireless charging, Siri support, and a Bluetooth upgrade. 

The new case will also support “higher thermal requirements” which will be more costly to make. 


The new AirPods may also have biometric sensors for measuring heart rates. Apple has plans to include wellness sensors in new AirPods by updating their trademark to include, “General wellness instrument.” 

Noise Cancellation

Analysts also predict that one of the main features for the new AirPods is to be the ultimate noise cancellation device which will be achieved via design changes. 

Wireless Charging

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad will also work with the new AirPods case. A light on the outside of the case will indicate if it’s charging.

Water Resistance

The new AirPods will not be designed to be submerged in water so you won’t be able to go for a swim with them but feel free to take a walk in the rain.