The 2018 iPad Pro is an All-Screen Design

New 2019 iPad Pro Rumors

The 2018 iPad Pro is an All-Screen Design

We are just a few weeks away from the iPhone Xr release on Oct. 26, and the Mac rumors are swirling which include new products and new iPads!

Rumors include a new iPad Pro release and reportedly eight, yes that’s right, eight iPad devices. 2 Wifi models, 2 LTE models for both sizes.

The new 2018 iPad Pro will be getting some major iPhone X-inspired upgrades like a corner-to-corner display, and Face ID. This will be the first iPad without a home button that works in both portrait and landscape, but not upside down. 

No Home button

Apple is expected to follow suit with the new iPhone X changes to the new 2018 iPad lineup. The Home Button removal isn’t a surprise, the icon suggests there will be no notch either which means Apple will incorporate the Face ID camera. 

New 2019 iPad Pro Rumors


Bigger Screen

Thanks to the removal of Home button and smaller bezels, we can also expect the screen on the new iPads to be larger. The current screen sizes are: 12.9 inches and 10.5 inches.  It seems by taking down the bezel size on the new iPad Pro will enable Apple to pump the 10.5 inch screen size up to 11 inches but the 12.9 inch iPad Pro will most likely stay the same but incorporate a larger screen. 


The new iPad Pro may also be thinner and according to sources the thickness 5.86mm as opposed to the current 6.1mm.

Rounded Corners

Expect the new device to have rounded corners as evidence suggests that the new iPad will follow suit with the iPhone X screen curves.

new iPad Pro has rounded edges

OLED Screen?

After the production problems and supply shortages that the new iPhone X has created, we shouldn't expect to see an OLED screen on the new iPad Pro.

Face ID

Analysts also predict that the new iPad will have the new TrueDepth Camera for Animoji's and Face ID. Reportedly the new iPad Pro will be capable of recognizing users even if the device is in landscape mode.

Animoji's for new iPad Pro


The iPad Pro’s usually incorporate a modified version of the processor for the last iPhone. For example, the iPhone 7 had an A10 Fusion chip and the following iPad had a 10X Fusion. The Xs has the A12 Bionic processor so we expect the iPad Pro to feature an A12X processor.


Reports suggest that the new iPad models will have a USB Type-C, 18W power adapter that will make charging faster. The USB C port will be able to output to 4k video to a TV screen.  

USB-C will charge faster and connect to your TV

New Pencil

Reports also suggest that the new iPad Pro will have a new Apple Pencil that can be paired by proximity, the same way that AirPods pair with an iPhone.


iPad Pro X would be appropriate but we will just have to wait and find out.

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