The 2018 iPad is the Best Deal for Christmas

iPad 2018 is Best Deal for Christmas

The 2018 iPad is hands down the best deal for Christmas. It’s light and thin and according to CEO, Tim Cook, the most popular computer in the world. The iPad sales have reached over 44.2 million iPads worldwide, the most sales of any computer manufacturer in the world. 

Amazon is selling the 32GB 2018 iPad for only $249 while supplies last. If you need more memory then the 128GB iPad is only $349 on Amazon. Deal seekers can also get a $30  discount on the 128GB with Wi-Fi and cellular.

For the price and features, the 2018 iPad is everything you need in a tablet.

The Stylus

The 2018 entry-level iPad supports the Apple Pencil for drawing and note-taking. If you do a lot of sketching or writing, then the 2018 iPad with Stylus is a great alternative. The Apple Pencil blows away the competition thanks to Apple’s proprietary system-wide integration. It has an improved performance, fast charging, and is exceptionally comfortable to use. The Apple Pencil has astonishing pressure levels to reproduce your movements perfectly, even in acute angles. It also enhances all your favorite creative IOS apps and it’s so intense Disney animators use it!

Battery Life 

The 2018 iPad’s battery lasts 10 hours, and it lasts just as long as the iPad Pro 10.5. People don’t use their tablets as much as their phones so you can get away with charging your iPad every 2 or 3 days if you watch moderately while you commute on a train. In battery tests, the iPad got an almost identical score as the iPad Pro which is a more powerful tablet.

The 2018 iPad is a superior tablet at a great price.

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