Super Joey Foundation and ULAK Cases: Creating a New Normal

Super Joey Foundation and ULAK Partnership

No parent is ever prepared for their child’s life-threatening illness. Some have trouble believing that it is happening. Others focus on making decisions about treatment and some others just go into shock.
When a child has cancer, the impact that it has on their day-to-day life and family is overwhelming. Parents are trying to manage their own stress and create a new normal for their child whose life will be taken over by lab tests and treatments.

New Normal
Super Joe Foundation was founded on just that need. Joe was born in Ventura, California on Thanksgiving Day of 2011. He was a happy and healthy little boy until he was diagnosed with Stage-III Wilms Tumor in May 2013.

Most children diagnosed with Wilms Tumor do not show any signs of having cancer and act and play normally. Doctors use a staging system to describe the tumor and Stage-III is very aggressive and requires an intensive regiment of treatment.

Joey was incredibly strong and overcame insurmountable challenges with a smile and focussed his energy on encouraging other patients. 

Unfortunately, Joey lost his battle against cancer in February of 2016.

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Super Joey Foundation

Treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. The hospital staff provides services and information but there is a need for support in between those visits for the entire family. The Super Joe Foundation was born out of this need for the entire family to heal.

There are few causes nobler than helping ease the pain and suffering of children and their families.

Super Joe partners with youth volunteers to provide meaningful community services for children afflicted by cancer and their families.

Society depends on citizens who are concerned about others and the common good. The Super Joey foundation helps students realize the benefits of helping others.

Super Joey Foundation volunteers provide free meals at Ronald McDonald Houses where many children and their parents stay during the treatments. The program started at Los Angeles and has rolled out to 10+ Cities including San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Seattle, San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Pasadena, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

The Foundation donates free electronic products, like toys and gifts to help the children go through a challenging time while bedridden.

Super Joey is also taking a preventative role in partnering with a biotech startup to provide free genetic testing for patients and provides test results and information about cures.

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Super Hero
Like most little boys, Joey was a big fan of superheroes. 
According to child psychologist’s, it is a healthy activity to worship superheroes. Kids who feel powerless and vulnerable can pretend to be a superhero and gain confidence and positivity. 

Children don’t understand how a doctor or scientist can make a positive impact quite yet, but they do understand that a superhero can hold up a building and save people’s lives.

Superheroes are forces of good who always stand up for the little guy.

Super Joey and ULAK Partnership

ULAK Cases is partnering with the Super Joey Foundation in creating a cell phone case to sell that will donate the proceeds to the charity.

“Positively impacting children with cancer and their families is a life-altering experience. Our business, employees and the community will thrive as a result.” ULAK CEO George Chen noted when asked about the partnership.

Joey's life was short but was full of joy. He was loved beyond words and missed beyond measures. The Super Joey Foundation will carry his courage and love forward and help children and their families who are still fighting cancer.
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