New Embedded Technology for Cell Phone Cases

New Embedded Technology for Cell Phone Cases

Gold Foil is Embedded Between the TPU Panels so No Flaking Off

In-Mold Decoration is a new process of creating cell phone cases that embed the artwork inside the layers of durable TPU and PC. 

It is thin, easy to grip and will protect your phone from scratches, cracks, and fingerprints while getting full access to all buttons and ports.

Traditional molding processes require lots of secondary processing, but IMD eliminates the need for anything like painting or plating which increases cost and pollution. 

IMD injection molding is used in hundreds of industries like telecom, electronics, automotive, and medical.

It enables lots of artistic effects like brushed metal, mirror, translucent or patterns. It is highly decorative and multifunctional.

The benefits for IMD cell phones:

  • High-quality impact-resistant material
  • Artwork injected directly into molding so no flaking off
  • Designed to be scratch-proof 
  • Protects from impacts & dust
  • Can make any design 
  • Perfect cut-outs for full access to all ports and buttons

IMD is the best new technology for cell phone case manufacturing because it’s more efficient and creates a better product. It eliminates the follow-up process which saves energy and the environment. 

Gorgeous Holiday Gold Foil iPhone 6/7/8 Plus Case!

Gorgeous New Technology for iPhone CasesBuy Now. Shiny Foil Floral Pattern Design. New Technology prints images between PC layers, so no flaking off! 

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