iPhone Xs Max is the Most Expensive to Repair in Apple History

Cracked iPhone Xs Max

The new iPhone Xs Max is the Most Expensive iPhone to Fix in Apple History! Apple Repair has set a new record with the pricey repair cost of the new iPhone Xs Max screen at $599!! That is the “worst case scenario” price if the phone hits the pavement and completely shatters. A minor crack could cost anywhere from $329 on up (and up and up).

The Xs repair cost for a total glass shatter is $549. That is still outrageous and more than 1/2 the amount of purchase. 

All Glass Back

Apple has updated its flat fee repair pricing page and it’s pretty much in-line with other iPhones. An iPhone 8’s retail price is $699 and the repair costs $349 but the new iPhone Xs Max’s repair price might cause your heart and wallet pain if you opt-out of the AppleCare+ coverage for an additional $200 a year.

AppleCare+ covers up to 2 accidents each year with a service fee of $29 for screen damage and $99 for other damage. 

Drop Test 

TechSmartt on YouTube conducted the first drop test for both new iPhones and the old 2017 X from 3 heights: pocket, head, and 10 feet to really test what Apple calls the “the most durable glass in the world.”

The 2018 iPhones survived the pocket drop with flying colors. The 2017 X shattered from the pocket drop and was further annihilated with the 6 foot and 10-foot drops.

The 2018 iPhone Xs managed to fair the best with no damage at all from any of the heights. The Xs Max made it through with just a scuff from the pocket and head height drops but the 10 footer was its breaking point. It literally smashed to bits and the display started flashing. Maybe bigger isn’t always better.

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