iPhone Xs Max Gives an Immersive Mobile Gaming Experience

Iphone Xs Max is an Amazing Gaming Experience

 iPhone Xs Max and Mobile Gaming

Whether your mobile game is Candy Crush, Fortnite, Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, Roblox, Vainglory, PUBG, or Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, the new iPhone Xs Max screen, battery, and the sound system are sure to take your game to another level.

Apple has come out with a supersized screen that gives a supersized experience with the new iPhone Xs Max. It’s the perfect vehicle for the ultimate mobile gaming experience with a 6.5-inch edge to edge OLED display, faster bionic chip and longer battery life.

iPhone Xs Max has a huge edge to edge OLED display

Maximum Display

Larger than anything Apple has ever created, the iPhone Xs Max’s OLED display is incredible. Not only is it humongous at 6.4 inches, but it also feels like an Apple desktop.

The Super Retina Display is crisp and makes creases in faces visible and sparks and punches really pop. The Xs registers at 611 nits on light meters and the OLED panels cover 123% of the sRGB color gamut. 

The True Tone technology adjusts the tone of the screen to your surroundings, so there are no problems playing games in direct sunlight. 

Great Performance

Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip is the first mobile processors built using a 7-nanometer process and houses 6.9 billion transistors, so it will deliver a stronger gaming experience while being more efficient. It can process 5 trillion operations per second, essential for a graphically intense mobile gaming experience.  The Xs Max augmented reality is stunning for games like AR Robot and Asphalt 9. 

iPhone Xs Max Gaming Demo at Apple Event in Cupertino


The HomeCourt app lets your iPhone Xs Max camera show you how many baskets are made or missed, and the multiplayer AR Galaga game will let you shoot aliens with friends just like the demonstration at the Apple event in Cupertino earlier this month. 

Battery Life

The iPhone Xs Max has the biggest battery Apple has ever created, and it has the capacity to play games all day long. If you are playing an intensive app like PUBG, the battery will take a beating but still won’t completely drain. In general, the Xs max will last an additional 90 minutes longer than the 2017 iPhone X.

Improved Speakers

The iPhone Xs max speakers deliver a wider sound and allow a gamer to be truly immersed in the experience. There are no headphone jacks on the new Max so you will have to purchase a pair of Apple EarPods with lightning connector.

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iPhone Xs Max is perfect for gamers