iPad App for NHL Coaches

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The National Hockey League has created a new iPad app that provides real-time data during games. The coaching staff can now make decisions from everything from face-off to ice time in an instant. 

No More Waiting

According to the NHL, hockey will be the only sport delivering real-time data to coaches. Most sports still rely on an analog approach to study statistics and player videos.

NHL Partner’s with Apple 

The NHL has partnered with Apple to create to build an “in-game” coaching system that will allow coaches to review game highlights in real-time to make better decisions during the game. 

The app is loaded onto new iPad tablets and allows teams to monitor shot attempts, face-off attempts against specific opponents. Coaches can check out which type of shot their players used in a shootout most and the number of goals in particular places on the ice. There are player customizations and target tracking for each shift.

iPad app for NHL

Check Engine Light

The NHL coaches asked Apple for easy-to-read displays and the ability to determine face-off success or failure.

According to the NHL, coaches need to review on the fly to maximize the performance of key players. They also need to manage ice-time so the players will always be at their peak performance.

Players that are over their ice time will be displayed in red with an exclamation point, similar to a “check engine” light in a car.

Apple iPad Pro NHL App

Map Shots on Goal

The app also has the ability to map shots on goal for specific locations, players in real-time. This is the first version of the app, which will continue to be developed. By next season the coaches could use the app to track distance players have skated and the velocity of their shots.

Tim Cook on NHL iPad app

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, tweeted that the iPad is helping the NHL to make faster decisions and it will be a “game changer.” 

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