Consumer Reports Ranks Galaxy Note9 Best Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is top ranking smartphone

Consumer Reports has researched and ranked Samsung's Galaxy Note9 smartphone above the iPhone XS and XS Max!

The Note9 is one of the most expensive smartphones to purchase, matching the iPhone Xs with a $1,000 starting price. 

The factors that pushed the Note9 to the top of the Consumer Reports ranking was the battery life, durability, camera quality, and Bluetooth Stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 has the best battery life


Consumer Reports tested the Note9’s battery and it lasted a whopping 29 hours on a single charge. So you can go an all day long with video calls, texts, catching up on social media and even sneak in a few games.

CR’s head of smartphone testing, Richard Fisco said, “It’ll get everyone except the most extreme user through the day without needing to recharge.”

The 4000mAh Samsung Note9 battery cell is so large it can go from 7 AM to 12 midnight and still have 10-15% left at the end of the day, with an average of 5-6 hours of screen time.

It matches the battery of the Huawei P20 Pro and comfortably exceeds both the Note8 and Galaxy S9 Plus. 

Consumer Reports tests showed the iPhone Xs battery lasted 24.5 hours, the Xs Max 26 hours, so the Note9 is the clear winner with 29 hours. 

The Galaxy Note9 loses battery life during intensive tasks: 

  • Streaming on Netflix loses 12%
  • 30 minutes of Fortnite 17%
  • 60 minutes of Spotify 8%

The on-screen readout says it would only take 90 minutes to fully charge but it tends to be over 2 hours.



Consumer Reports also tested the durability of the Note9 by submitting it to 100 drops in a machine that repeatedly drops the phone over and over from a height of 2 1/2 feet. This hits the phone at lots of different angles simulating a huge range of falls.

The Note9 survived all 100 drops with it’s front and back glass intact with just a few scratches. In contrast, the Note8 had broken glass within the first 50 drops.


Camera Quality

 The Note9 has 2 rear cameras, one with a wide angle and another with a 2X zoom for shooting tight shots.

The bokeh feature allows the user to take a portrait pic with the subject sharp in front but a blurred background and the autofocus is super fast.

High quality still photos are sharp and daylight images have very detailed true-to-life colors.


Bluetooth Stylus

 The new S Pen does a lot more than just sketching or note taking, it also has customizable remote control shortcuts which allows users to remotely launch the camera app and flips for different modes.

The Stylus is able to take a photo, record a video, play, pause and skip music, launch photo gallery, and PowerPoint presentations.

The S Pen needs only 40 seconds of charge time for 30 minutes of battery life or 200 button clicks according to Consumer Reports testing.

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