Backpacks vs Luggage for Holiday Travel

Best Backpacks for Holiday Travel

Choosing a backpack for holiday travel over checking luggage is a tough decision. If you are a new traveler or a seasoned travel veteran, having the right backpack will help you ease through any travel situation. The "one bag traveler” is a unique person who can pack just the necessities.  

Are you a minimalist who needs everything within reach? Or are you more of a diva who needs to check a bag and pushes the limit of the definition of "carry-on”? In any case, we have the best backpack for all your holiday travel needs! 

Black Everyday Backpack

Backpack vs Luggage

A backpack will give you better mobility when cruising through any travel situation. You won’t lose your luggage or get caught wasting precious time at a carousel waiting and waiting for your bag. Backpacks also create a hands-free travel experience, so no hauling bags around. 

Navy Blue Backpack for Travel


Rolling luggage is great but what if you need to walk up stairs or down a cobblestone street, or a beach? The versatile backpacker can go practically anywhere, even hang out at a coffee shop for a few hours without taking over the entire space with an arsenal of bags.


Grey Everyday Backpack


You will take up less room in transit and will feel more adventurous without the need to drag around luggage. You can run to catch a train or a bus and are more agile for any situation.