Apple announces its first new iPod since 2015

iPod Touch 2019

Apple announced it’s first new iPod in 4 years. It’s cheaper pricing and smaller size helps Apple attract a different audience than the tech forward crowd who buys the Xs Max.

Apple stopped releasing iPod sales figures in 2013 and they are no longer featured prominently on the company website or stores but they still attract a strong niche audience.

The iPod market has always been for kids who are not ready for a real phone but need something portable that can set screen time restrictions.

The 2019 iPod Touch starts at $199 and has more storage, new processor and new features.

Steve Jobs and the First iPod

Faster than ever

The new iPod is getting a hardware upgrade with a new A10 Fusion chip which means it’s twice as fast as before.

It also means that the new iPod supports Group FaceTime and augmented reality apps.

Many learning apps and games now support Augmented Reality and getting the new iPod is a cheap and portable way to play AR games and utilize the educational apps.

More Storage

The new Touch starts at 32 GB of storage and goes up to 256 GB of space, by far the largest storage capacity Apple has ever put in an iPod.

New iPod Colors

iPod Colors

The new iPod has 5 color options that include the “Red” that donates money to global AIDS fight.

The 2019 iPod Touch looks like the older version with a home button and a 4-inch display.