Apple Announces AirPods 2

ULAK Pink AirPod Case

AirPods 2 was quietly launched this week in an Apple press release which includes a new wireless sync chip, Siri, longer battery life and a new wireless charging case.

Wireless to the Fullest: H1 Chip

The original AirPods were designed with the W1 wireless chip, a proprietary chip that delivered Bluetooth capability, lower power consumption, and a sophisticated syncing between the 2 earbuds. 

The new H1 chip in AirPods 2 supports all of the previous features plus includes Siri support, an extra hour of talk time, faster device switching, faster connection time, and wireless charging.

The new chip makes switching between devices seamless and for the first time, it features the integration of Siri who can change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or get directions.

ULAK Blue AirPod Case

New Wireless Charging Case

The new wireless charging case has an LED indicator light to show it’s charge level. The case is Qi-compliant, so it works with most standard charging cases. 

The new AirPods with wireless charging case costs $199 but users can also purchase the charging case separately for $79 and it will allow those with the previous AirPod model to charge wirelessly without buying a new set.

ULAK Pink AirPod 2 Case

Optical Sensors and Motion Accelerometers

A combination of optical sensors and motion accelerometers control how the AirPods engage for phone calls and Siri. They also allow users to wear one AirPod for calls while the other remains silent when not in use.

Both the original AirPods and the new Siri version both act as standard Bluetooth earbuds when paired with any Bluetooth 4.0+ device, even Androids.

Apple is also offering a free engraving on the case which will be located at the bottom of the AirPods case below the LED light.